The Pledge

Veterans have pledged an oath to support and defend the Constitution. A new generation of men and women are answering the call to serve again and are taking The Pledge to put principles before politics.


1. Integrity

I will always speak the truth and prioritize the public interest above my self-interest.

  • I will return or give to charity contributions from sources that I find out taint my integrity.
  • I will use the power of my office only for the service of my constituents and my country.

2. Civility

I will respect my colleagues, focus on solving problems and work to bring civility to politics.

  • I will publicly reject, and seek to remove, any advertisements in support of my campaign that lie about or baselessly attack the character of my opponent.
  • I will attend and participate in a cross-partisan veterans caucus.

3. Courage

I will defend the rights of all Americans and have the courage to collaborate across the aisle and find common ground.

  • I will meet with someone from an opposing party one-on-one at least once a month.
  • I will join with colleagues on both sides of the aisle on at least one piece of major legislation each year, and co-sponsor additional pieces.

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