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Press Release: With Honor Endorses Nine Principled Veterans for Congress

March 15, 2018

With Honor Endorses Nine Principled Veterans for Congress

New cross-partisan organization’s second round of endorsements includes 4 Republicans and 5 Democrats who have committed to the With Honor Pledge

CHARLOTTE, NC - With Honor — a cross-partisan political organization focused on increasing the number of principled, next-generation veterans in Congress — announced its second round of candidate endorsements primarily focused on upcoming Democratic and Republican primaries in May and June. With Honor co-founder and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Rye Barcott, released the following statement: 

“With Honor launched last year based on the idea that principled next-generation veterans could help fix our country’s broken politics if they can overcome financial obstacles to elected office and form a cross-partisan coalition. The veterans we endorse today have signed our pledge to put principles over politics. They know what it’s like to accomplish missions in tough places and I am confident they are the leaders we need to bring real change to America’s government.” 

With over 150 next-generation veterans running for the House this cycle, With Honor selected nine candidates for its second round of endorsements based on their leadership history and the upcoming primary calendar. These veterans committed to the With Honor Pledge (below) to lead with integrity, civility, and courage, including the courage to meet with someone from another party at least once each month and to sponsor legislation with a member of another party at least once every year:

  • Republican Andy Coleman (OK-1)—Veteran, U.S. Army/Air Force 
  • Democrat Dan Feehan (MN-1)—Veteran, U.S. Army
  • Republican Andrew Grant (CA-7)—Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Democrat RD Huffstetler (VA-5)—Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Republican Tim Kane (OH-12)—Veteran, U.S. Air Force
  • Democrat Damon Martinez (NM-1)—Veteran, U.S. Army Reserve
  • Democrat Amy McGrath (KY-6)—Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Republican Diego Morales (IN-4)—Veteran, U.S. Army National Guard
  • Democrat Max Rose (NY-11)—Veteran, U.S. Army

With Honor is committed to helping next-generation veterans compete for Congressional seats by independently supporting their campaigns and leveling the financial playing field. Additional endorsements will be regularly released. With Honor-endorsed candidate profiles can be found here. With Honor’s advisory board includes post-9/11 veterans and Gold Star family members—J.D. Vance, Nate Fick, Ryan Manion, and Jake Wood—as well as prominent American leaders such as Secretary George Shultz, Secretary Robert Gates, Admiral Michael Mullen, Senator Tom Daschle, Governor Dirk Kempthorne, Jane Holl Lute, David Gergen, and Michèle Flournoy. 

With Honor is a federally registered “super PAC.” With Honor has an affiliated 501(c)(4) entity called With Honor Action, which serves as the organization’s policy and social-welfare arm.

The With Honor Pledge

1. Integrity

I will always speak the truth and prioritize the public interest above my self-interest.

  • I will return or give to charity contributions from sources that I find out taint my integrity.
  • I will use the power of my office only for the service of my constituents and my country.

2. Civility

I will respect my colleagues, focus on solving problems and work to bring civility to politics.

  • I will publicly reject, and seek to remove, any advertisements in support of my campaign that lie about or baselessly attack the character of my opponent.
  • I will attend and participate in a cross-partisan veterans caucus.

3. Courage

I will defend the rights of all Americans and have the courage to collaborate across the aisle and find common ground.

  • I will meet with someone from an opposing party one-on-one at least once a month.
  • I will join with colleagues on both sides of the aisle on at least one piece of major legislation each year, and co-sponsor additional pieces.

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