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Press Release: New National Poll Shows Veteran Candidates Have Major Electoral Advantages

April 12, 2018

New National Poll Shows Veteran Candidates Have Major Electoral Advantages
Veteran status has potential to overcome hyper-partisanship in a country that remains deeply divided

CHARLOTTE, NC - With Honor — a cross-partisan political organization focused on increasing the number of principled, next-generation veterans in Congress — released poll results from interviews across the country on voters’ views on partisanship in Congress, the electoral appeal of veterans, and the connection between the two. 

“We all saw how well Conor Lamb, a Marine Corps veteran, did in the special election earlier this year, and this poll puts some real data behind how competitive veteran candidates across the country are,” said With Honor co-founder and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Rye Barcott. “This poll shows that veteran status has the potential to overcome party lines in a country that remains deeply divided. With more than 300 veterans running across the country, this crossover appeal can really make a big difference in a number of competitive races.” 

Key findings include:

  • Americans overwhelmingly agree that increased partisanship has limited Congress’ ability to be effective. They want their elected leaders to focus on compromise and getting things done. 
  • Veteran candidates have major electoral advantages. “Served honorably in the US military” is the single best-testing trait for a Congressional candidate in the survey. 
  • Veteran status even shows potential to overcome party lines in a country that remains deeply divided – nearly 1 in 3 likely voters are more likely to vote for a Congressional candidate of a different party if they heard of the candidate’s honorable military service.  
  • Likely voters on both sides of the aisle have very positive views of veterans and the impact they could have as elected leaders.  

The poll memo and methodology can be found at this link


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