In The News "With Honor" Supports Next-Gen Veteran Candidates to Fix Ailing Congress

February 22, 2018

By: Sean Mclain Brown

Can military veterans help bring our nation’s legislators and politicians together? That’s exactly what a new cross-partisan group, With Honor, believes. With Honor recently endorsed more than 150 next-gen military veterans in their campaigns for Congress. The goal: end party gridlock by bringing both sides together to work for the common good.

According to With Honor, veterans represented more than half of Congress for much of the second half of the 20th Century. Today, veteran representation in Congress is near a historic low at 19 percent.

“Veterans took an oath to support and defend the Constitution,” said John Mahony, Marine Infantry Officer veteran and COO of With Honor. “They know what it means to put the country's interests ahead of their own, and by placing mission accomplishment first, have often been leaders who have made a difference by working together to solve our nation's largest problems.”

As much as many Americans dislike money in politics, a campaign is expensive and a significant barrier for the average veteran that wants to run for Congress. With Honor provides [...]

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