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Fox News: Ex-Senator John Warner: Here's why military veterans running for office deserve your vote

November 5, 2018

By: John Warner

As a former long-serving U.S. Senator from Virginia, I strongly encourage all my fellow citizens to exercise your valuable right to vote in the imminent congressional elections and to pay special attention to the large number of qualified veterans running from both parties.

Every year the need increases for experienced and dedicated citizens to step up and volunteer for public service, hopefully as members of Congress. As a fellow veteran of both WWII and Korea, and former Secretary of the Navy, I believe the nation benefits when former members of the armed services rise to the challenge of running for office.

While the first obligation of a member of Congress is to care for the needs of the folks back home, the rapidly changing world beyond our shores is an ever-evolving challenge. Most veterans are fully capable of assessing the needs of the people at home, but they also bring the added knowledge of the world that comes from having been deployed overseas. With this combination of experience, vets in general are often ready to hit the ground running once they take office.

With the world market increasingly impacting Main Street America, and the ever-shifting national security challenges which demand a constant, reliable U.S. military presence, we need leaders to enter Congress with little need for on-the-job training.

From the moment military recruits first put on their uniforms, the creed of “duty, honor, country” is tattooed on their heart. As you begin your training, you begin to exercise leadership – then you perform your missions, hoping you and all under your command will survive. To achieve these goals, you must [...]

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