Our Work

With Honor is a cross-partisan organization. We help elect principled next-generation veterans in order to solve our biggest problems and fix a Congress that is dysfunctional.

There are close to 200 next-generation veterans answering the call to serve again and running for Congress in 2018. These next-generation veterans face significant obstacles to running since the cost of a campaign can be prohibitive for veterans without affluent networks.

We will support a select group of veteran candidates who take The Pledge to put principles before politics and lead with civility, integrity, and courage, including the courage to meet with someone from another party once a month and sponsor legislation with another party once a year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to elect principled next-generation veterans to office who will work in a cross-partisan way to create a more effective and less polarized government.

Our Vision

Our vision is a government that works for and is trusted by Americans, where principled veterans represent a significant percentage of elected positions at all levels.

Our Timeline

2018 Election

With Honor’s support reverses the trend of veteran decline in Congress


Work with Members of Congress in their effort to start up a cross-partisan veterans caucus

2019 – 2030

Strategic support elects principled veteran candidates


Principled veterans represent a significant percentage of elected positions and American government is less polarized and more effective

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